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Lack of Confidence

While it is a confident step to set up a business on your own, that does not mean that we do not suffer from lack of confidence. Setting up a business involves taking a risk.....and then the self-doubt kicks in!

As the business evolves there are a series of uncertainties that hold us back from growing the business, such as the legal aspects of signing a lease for a property, and the potential consequences for taking on your first employee. How can we trust the landlord, or the employee?

Can we take the risk?  Better to not go ahead?

Mike J - 28/07/2016
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So we have voted to leave the EU, marginally. This is a historic moment in World Economic history, and could mark the beginning of the end of the European Political Union. But it does not mean that we cannot still trade with each other. Business is business!

We have voted for uncertainty resulting from independence, over comfort from remaining in the same structure. Entrepreneurs are familiar with uncertainty….we thrive on it. In uncertainty there is opportunity.

As mentors we do not give advice….but in this case we would just say -

Look for the opportunities, don’t dwell on your fears.

- 25/06/2016
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What is loneliness?

I have learnt over the years that running a business is a fundamentally lonely place.

One client, who had taken on the burden of a debt ridden family business after his father had died, described it like this:

“On Sunday night I get little sleep. I worry so much about the day ahead, what it will bring. More suppliers chasing their debts, will a machine break down, will an employee fail to turn up, so many things that can go wrong. The drive to work is morbid as I design catastrophes in my head. I sit at my desk and open the post, and yes!!…..the pain turns to elation as I get an order for £5,000….someone believes in me”

- 16/06/2016
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