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Taking on my first employee

A lot of people contact us to talk about their concerns about taking on their first employee.

All of our mentors have experienced this natural anxiety. We can all share our experiences.

When a start-up business grows, the owner has a choice to stay small, or to allow the expansion. There is nothing wrong with staying small. Many people choose this option as a lifestyle choice.

For those who are able to grow, one of the first decisions is around taking on staff. You quickly realise that you cannot do it all. You are not superman/woman.

Mike - 18/04/2017
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Taking on too much work

A lot of people contact us to ask how they can alleviate the problem of overwork.

When you run your own business, and if you have got it right, business is fun, exciting, challenging and constantly changing. There is always a mass of work to do.

Often this becomes an addiction, leading to problems due to lack of balance in your life. Family and health are the first losers in this cycle. You have to work hard not to become a workaholic!

The challenge is to sift through the work and assess what is most important, and what can be left. All of our mentors have had to learn how to do this, and their experience can help you.

Mike - 26/03/2017
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Joanna's Story

Joanna is a young woman who has experienced some of the emotional upheaval that those of us experienced in business will be able to identify with. Her story is in the form of a 16 minute podcast, courtesy of The Guardian. Get yourself a cup of coffee and relax while you have a listen. It is worth it, even if only to recognise that you are not alone with your business problems/anxieties/frustrations.

Mike - 22/02/2017
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