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Do you want to be a Mentor?

It is clear that the best leaders in business are those who can be a mentor or a coach to their team. This short video and article from the BBC explains.



Almost all of the 50+ business owners who have been a Jennings Business Mentor have learnt how to mentor, and that experience has helped them in running their own business more effectively.

If you think this may be for you then please apply to be a mentor

Mike - 24/07/2017
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The Truth about Entrepreneurship

Here is a clearly thought out article which gets to the heart of how difficult it is to be a business owner and to maintain the passion in the face of adversity. If you run a business at least some of this will resonate with you. For my part while recognising the need for persistence and resilience, I particularly like that the writer states clearly that we are not here to be the ‘recipient of riches’ but rather ‘to solve problems for others’. In other words business is about service, not profit, and this resonates exactly with what our mentors believe.

Mike - 20/06/2017
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Get out of our Way.

Here is another article telling small business owners what they need. Assuming that it is a problem that small businesses are not growing. Making assumptions about what is wrong, and how to fix the “problem”.

Let’s be clear…..not all small businesses want to grow. Stop assuming that!

And if growth is a problem, stop seeing a particular issue and assuming that is the problem!

Just stop it.

Mike - 23/05/2017
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