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Do you Drive your Business, or does your Business Drive you.

It is a strange phenomena, a result of business growth, that takes the business owner on a journey from doing what they love to having to manage processes and be responsible for people. I have seen this many times over…..the rabbit in the headlight moments when you get caught out by huge problems not of your own making, but for which only you have the solution. Growth brings about many problems resulting in the business owner doing things they never intended, such as managing payrolls, doing appraisals, marketing and sales, and dealing with problems created by others.

Mike - 30/10/2017
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Being busy is a problem. Despite common parlance which seems to equate being busy with being well, being too busy is a disease which has many side-effects.

Busy-ness stops us from seeing the big picture. We are just too busy to see beyond what needs doing now. We become reactionary rather than pro-active.

Busy-ness stops us from being entrepreneurial. Not only do we not see change coming, even if we are told about it we do everything possible to ignore it. We are just too busy.

Mike - 22/09/2017
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Sometimes you have to just walk away

One of the hardest decisions for any business owner is the decision to cease trading. This seemingly logical decision, based we assume on finances, is in reality extremely emotional. An enterprise is nurtured, like a child, and to cease trading evokes a sense of grief which is hard to face. Also there is a feeling of guilt around failure. The worry of what others think of you, and could you have done it better, worked harder, or made different decisions along the way.

The harsh reality is that failure is a normal part of the process of owning and running a business. Sometimes the business cycle kills, or a new technology terminally disrupts, a once vibrant market.

Mike - 25/08/2017
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