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Here is an interesting article from Enterprisienation.com https://www.enterprisenation.com/blog/posts/michelle-mone-every-business-owner-should-be-a-mentor

As is typical with most people who speak about mentoring there are some truths, and some misnomers in it and I thought it would be useful to analyse it over the next few blogs…..

“Having the experience of someone who's been there and done it all before is an invaluable resource”.

- 03/03/2016
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Money box

It was interesting to hear BBCs Money Box this week. They were talking about self-employment. Business owners who were interviewed said what we already know and what forms the basis of our mentoring service……that it is important to remember why you started your business, to stick with it, and to recognise that money is not everything. Purpose and Passion. This is what business is about.

And when asked is it worth it….they talked about a sense of satisfaction and self-worth that you do not get from working for someone else. Freedom….This is what business is about too.

- 24/02/2016
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The biggest barrier to business growth is fear

Professionals, bureaucrats and corporate people believe that they are able analyse the ‘barriers to business growth’. You will see them talk about rules and regulations, planning restrictions, poor transport infrastructure, lack of funding and lack of skills as the five main reasons why businesses fail to grow.

These are indeed problems in business. They are frustrations. If asked, that is what most business people will say is the reason for lack of growth. What they are saying of course is “please remove these obstacles which make my life difficult”.

In reality these are mere obstacles, the like of which we put up with every day in business.

- 02/02/2016
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