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Is Social Media over-hyped?

It’s the new best thing in marketing…..or is it?
Actually I think that is probably the wrong question. It is not so much about the media you use to get your product/service to market, it is more about the way that you do it.
The culture of marketing has changed I think. In years gone by if you told people enough times, then they would believe whatever was said. The more it is said, the more it must be true. Nowadays people are much more wary of direct advertising. It is rightly much less effective. People are more discerning, I would say.

- 05/07/2018
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Never Forget the Reasons Why

There is often a fine line between the commercial side of the business, where money is an objective, and the principles we hold as important, such as being fair, courteous and respectful. Our behaviour along one side of this line and the other often depends on how financially secure we feel. Being desperate for funds pushes us towards a more commercial angle. Our behaviour is often affected by what others say or do, which sometimes makes it okay to take advantage of others.

Mike - 13/05/2018
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Letting go through Collaboration.

Here is a problem common to many young businesses.

As the business grows the owner thinks it is possible to continue to do all the jobs.

That is just impossible. Just working harder will not work.

At some point the owner will have to relinquish control over some elements of her business. The hard part is knowing which elements you will keep.

If you are a borne salesman, then do that. Bring someone else in to manage the production side, or the office.

If you are a designer and an innovator, then don’t be afraid to employ a managing director.

Mike - 22/04/2018
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