Making a difference

It is not only our clients who benefit from mentoring….so do our mentors. Below are some testimonials from both which will give you a flavour of what to expect as a client or a mentor.

Being mentored ...

It was beneficial to have independent unbiased views from someone who has experience of running their own business. it was like holding up a mirror so we could see how we appeared to our customers.


The session i had with mike let me de-stress from recent headaches, re-energised me to develop my business and take practical steps towards growing my business.


I really appreciate having such an experienced mentor that has already helped me with my forward planning. can’t speak too highly of this opportunity.


Ian was very welcoming, making me feel at ease straight away. he was able to expand and build on existing ideas regarding marketing and looking for new employees. worth every moment just to talk to someone outside your box.


It was good to be able to talk through options with our mentor eg forecasting and for him to give examples of his experience of how he did it. he explained how he managed health & safety, hr requirements and he is the first mentor we have met that really understood that time is limited for business owners so even finished on time.


Being a mentor ...

Mentoring allows people who run real business locally to help bring on the next generation of local entrepreneurs and to share with them some of the experience they have gained along the way. the structure of the organisation and its ethos allow this transfer of knowledge and experience to be done in a relaxed and informal way.


Mentoring for me is helping someone plant a seed and watching in germinate and grow in to a harvest a business can be proud of. and if just one seed germinates and produces some harvest then i have achieved something far more than profit.


Oxford business mentors has given me, as a business owner, the opportunity to give something back. all too often business is about take and profit. however running a business has so much more to offer that those two elements.

There is a saying i use often which is “don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.


In a world where there is a lot of cynicism and distrust, oxford business mentoring offers genuine and practical support to business owners free of charge. we do this firstly by listening to clients’ problems, and secondly by enabling them to move forward in a positive way.