About us

Jennings Business Mentors really is a unique service. It is the only business mentoring service in the UK which is free, confidential, independent, and where the mentors are exclusively current business owners. Each mentor gives whatever time they can spare. As fellow business owners you will find that our mentors understand the emotional journey of business. We have faced our own anxieties and uncertainties, and we understand from first-hand experience how our passion can carry us through. As a result we do not judge, but rather we seek to understand and clarify based on our experience. We offer you an empathetic listening ear. Our aim is to reduce your anxieties so that you are free to make clear decisions about your business. We will never make the decision for you. We love to hear about your passion for your business and it inspires us.

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how it all started

Mike Jennings had been involved in business advice for many years. He felt that the support available in Oxfordshire could be improved and decided to set up his own service. He asked some of his business tenants if they would join him, and to his surprise they all agreed. He realised that what he had created was unique. The mentors were all business owners and they would both empathise with the clients, and not take away the clients’ independence by telling them what to do. Mentors reported how much they learned from the clients and that helped them with their own business. We had a win/win situation on our hands. We had created a service based on equality and independence.