Taking on too much work

A lot of people contact us to ask how they can alleviate the problem of overwork.

When you run your own business, and if you have got it right, business is fun, exciting, challenging and constantly changing. There is always a mass of work to do.

Often this becomes an addiction, leading to problems due to lack of balance in your life. Family and health are the first losers in this cycle. You have to work hard not to become a workaholic!

The challenge is to sift through the work and assess what is most important, and what can be left. All of our mentors have had to learn how to do this, and their experience can help you.

You have to learn to become more organised.

You have to learn how to delegate with trust. How do you bundle up the work as a package that someone else could do with little supervision?

Delegation is an art, and it is a collaboration. You have to learn to let go of the work just as much as the recipient has to learn to accept the authority to do the work. Without both processes the transition of tasks becomes traumatic.

And finally if your problem is to do with others asking you to do things, then you have to learn to say no. Say no, even if it means you lose a customer.

Remember the reason you started in business on your own was to be independent, free to work on what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. If you feel you have to take on all the work offered to you, then you have begun to lose the independence that you fought so hard for.