Taking on my first employee

A lot of people contact us to talk about their concerns about taking on their first employee.

All of our mentors have experienced this natural anxiety. We can all share our experiences.

When a start-up business grows, the owner has a choice to stay small, or to allow the expansion. There is nothing wrong with staying small. Many people choose this option as a lifestyle choice.

For those who are able to grow, one of the first decisions is around taking on staff. You quickly realise that you cannot do it all. You are not superman/woman.

Taking on an employee is a responsibility, and an employee should not be treated as a ‘human resource’. You are responsible for providing them with an income. They are responsible to turn up and give their best work. Employment therefore is a collaborative venture.

Anxiety normally comes around how to deal with issues, such as what if they cannot do the job, what if their attitude is wrong, what if they upset customers etc etc. There are 1001 variations of worry.

There is no easy answer. If it were easy everyone would be doing it! Mostly we learn by trial and error, and not being afraid to get it wrong. Most business owners have a long list of failures around taking on employees, and they would happily share these stories with you.

Talking to a mentor can help to reduce the anxiety, but in the end you just have to get on with it.