Is Social Media over-hyped?

It’s the new best thing in marketing…..or is it?
Actually I think that is probably the wrong question. It is not so much about the media you use to get your product/service to market, it is more about the way that you do it.
The culture of marketing has changed I think. In years gone by if you told people enough times, then they would believe whatever was said. The more it is said, the more it must be true. Nowadays people are much more wary of direct advertising. It is rightly much less effective. People are more discerning, I would say.
So the better way to get to market is to be enthusiastic, isn’t it? After all only if you believe in your product/service can you sell it effectively. And that is a social media method. Talk about your product, endlessly, by explaining what is happening, who is buying, why they are buying, what you feel about it etc etc.
Except people are getting tired of the constant interruption of other people’s lives/products/services.
What is left then?
Well it is back to that old chestnut of recommendation. You need people to endorse your product. Not famous people, who obviously get paid for it, but genuine, local (perhaps) individuals who genuinely have benefitted from your product/service and are willing without being asked, to promote it to their friends, whether through social or any other media (such as oh, I don’t know, let’s call it talking?)
So the new best thing in marking then, is really the oldest from of marketing in the world…..recommendation, heartfelt, honest and to the point.