It used to be the case that security comes from having a secure income.

Working for a large organisation, particularly in the public sector was deemed a secure job/future. Starting your own business was thought to be a crazy idea…..why take the risk?

Things have changed. Jobs are no longer secure. Large businesses go bankrupt too. The Public sector suffer from cuts which will get deeper as austerity kicks in. Charities are suffering from reduced funding. No one is secure in their job and anyway there is a feeling of insecurity when another person controls what you do.

Nowadays the secure job is to work for yourself (or for a small business).

Small business owners have learnt how to assess risk, to be on the edge, to adapt, to scent out new markets. Being entrepreneurial means not being in control, but being comfortable adapting as change happens all around.

Security then arises when we learn to be comfortable with insecurity.