Never Forget the Reasons Why

There is often a fine line between the commercial side of the business, where money is an objective, and the principles we hold as important, such as being fair, courteous and respectful. Our behaviour along one side of this line and the other often depends on how financially secure we feel. Being desperate for funds pushes us towards a more commercial angle. Our behaviour is often affected by what others say or do, which sometimes makes it okay to take advantage of others.

The trusth is that very few people run a business soley to make money. There are principles involved. We tend to do something which we are passionate about and we are fulfilled and motivated most when we do things that help others. We also love the fact that we have freedom to make choices in our business.

If you are too focussed on money, take a moment to think about the other, more important reasons why you started your business, and what truly motivates you. Never forget the reasons why.

It helps to be able to speak about these things, which in the business world are often left unspoken. We at Jennings Business Menors can help with that. We understand the emotions that drive business owners. Give us a try.