Letting go through Collaboration.

Here is a problem common to many young businesses.

As the business grows the owner thinks it is possible to continue to do all the jobs.

That is just impossible. Just working harder will not work.

At some point the owner will have to relinquish control over some elements of her business. The hard part is knowing which elements you will keep.

If you are a borne salesman, then do that. Bring someone else in to manage the production side, or the office.

If you are a designer and an innovator, then don’t be afraid to employ a managing director.

Your talents are best directed to what you do best, and what you love doing. Let someone else do the work you cannot do, or do not enjoy. Collaborate with them.

Collaboration with customers and suppliers is also crucial to a successful business. Find out what they want/need. Work with them Set fair prices.

Delegate and collaborate for the most successful business. If you have problems with that, then talk to one of our mentors.