Get out of our Way.

Here is another article telling small business owners what they need. Assuming that it is a problem that small businesses are not growing. Making assumptions about what is wrong, and how to fix the “problem”.

Let’s be clear…..not all small businesses want to grow. Stop assuming that!

And if growth is a problem, stop seeing a particular issue and assuming that is the problem!

Just stop it.

Lack of funding is a blip for businesses created by the natural reticence of lenders to take risks.

Too many regulations is an inconvenience created by bureaucracies trying often overzealously to protect the needs of minorities.

Lack of skills is another inconvenience which most business owners can overcome by on-the-job training which they should be responsible enough to fund.

The one thing that holds most businesses back is the owners own fears, anxieties and uncertainties. This is not a criticism, but a recognition of the reality. We all experience the very normal feeling of self-doubt. Self-doubt allows us to assess risk, and in doing so we hold back.

If funding is holding you back – go and find a banker, or an equity investor.

If uncertainty has got a hold on you – come and find a mentor.