Finding the Focus

Finding the focus is a key element to running a business on your own. It is so easy to emulate others, but real innovators are open-minded and will seek out opportunities and grab them when they see them.
As Cath Kidston says, this process is both challenging and interesting. That is what makes running your own business such a great experience. However this process can also leads you down routes towards failure. It is likely in business that you will have many little failures, especially if what you are doing is ‘challenging and interesting’. Picking yourself up, accepting and learning from your mistakes, and going again, is a key part of the journey of entrepreneurship.
Seeking opportunities also means trusting your intuition. Copying others is easy. Developing something new, and in doing so you will have to trust your intuition, is much harder, and so much more rewarding.
Our mentors all have experience in developing their self belief, working from intuition and feelings, learning from mistakes, and working hard for success. We are happy to share these with you in the context of any issues you may have. So please contact us for a session.