Enterprise Nation 5

Please read the previous blogs, and also see https://www.enterprisenation.com/blog/posts/michelle-mone-every-business-owner-should-be-a-mentor

"By improving access to loans and mentors……..we can help foster a more entrepreneurial Britain and improve the lives of families and communities across the country."

You cannot argue with the truth! The problem is that this has been the truth for all of the 30 years I have been involved in this sector, and it is still not happening.

Here in Oxfordshire the LEP have set up the Oxfordshire Business Support website. http://www.oxfordshirebusinesssupport.co.uk/  This is their idea of improving access…..and buried in it somewhere is our own mentoring service. As far as we are aware we have never had any referrals from it, whereas we get a few enquiries each month from our own website. It is hard not to be cynical about where the money goes.

While we are prepared to co-operate with the LEP, we prefer to just get on with the job of linking young business owners with experienced business owners, in the knowledge that both parties find the experience enlightening and fulfilling.