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Here is an interesting article from Enterprisienation.com https://www.enterprisenation.com/blog/posts/michelle-mone-every-business-owner-should-be-a-mentor

As is typical with most people who speak about mentoring there are some truths, and some misnomers in it and I thought it would be useful to analyse it over the next few blogs…..

“Having the experience of someone who's been there and done it all before is an invaluable resource”.

Quite right. The issue here is that in many mentoring/advisory services (people mix them up) the ‘mentors/advisors/counsellors’ are a mix of professionals and people with a corporate background. These people do not have experience of what it is like to run their own business. Therefore they cannot empathise with the client, or deeply understand the emotional stuff that comes up. Therefore they are not able to build a rapport with the client, and therefore the client goes away somewhat disenchanted by the whole experience.

Jennings Business Mentors is the only mentoring service in the UK where the mentors are exclusively from the enterprise sector….they all set up and run their own business. We are that invaluable resource that Michelle Mone is referring to.