Do you Drive your Business, or does your Business Drive you.

It is a strange phenomena, a result of business growth, that takes the business owner on a journey from doing what they love to having to manage processes and be responsible for people. I have seen this many times over…..the rabbit in the headlight moments when you get caught out by huge problems not of your own making, but for which only you have the solution. Growth brings about many problems resulting in the business owner doing things they never intended, such as managing payrolls, doing appraisals, marketing and sales, and dealing with problems created by others.

For some, this is a happy place to be, but for many others it is a place of stress and uncertainty where you cannot please all the people all the time. This then is a reason why many business owners choose not to grow their business. And that is all okay.

For those that choose growth they have to learn fast how to manage the transition. They have to learn tasks that they probably never thought about when they first started the business. Their vision may have taken them to greater things, but they probably never thought about the distress of employment tribunals, or contractual obligations, IP and copyright issues, and a whole load of other stress-worthy hinderances that we encounter as our businesses grow. Fairness seems to go out the window in this new world of ‘bite or be bitten’ commerce.

For those who do not like the world of bigger business, then they can follow others in selling up, and starting again…this time keeping it small and simple. I have seen this many times too.

Do you drive your business, or does your business drive you?.........You choose.