Being busy is a problem. Despite common parlance which seems to equate being busy with being well, being too busy is a disease which has many side-effects.

Busy-ness stops us from seeing the big picture. We are just too busy to see beyond what needs doing now. We become reactionary rather than pro-active.

Busy-ness stops us from being entrepreneurial. Not only do we not see change coming, even if we are told about it we do everything possible to ignore it. We are just too busy.

Busy-ness stops us from seeing other people’s issues. We stop caring about our staff, we stop understanding the needs of our customers. When issues occur, even if we are told about them, we ignore them….too much to do.

Mentors understand busy-ness. We have all fallen into that trap. If you feel under constant pressure and overloaded by work, talk to a mentor.